Wedding day; Happy day.


Moroccan wedding is a one unique special part of the moroccan country’s culture, i wouldn’t  imagine myself celebrating a wedding  in a better way. Why ? i get to celebrate the same marriage i am  invited  to for a period of three days,i enjoy the lots of meals , the different performances but most importantly witnessing love.Usually, a traditional Moroccan wedding lasts an average of three to five days depending on each city. On the other  hand, i never realized how difficult it is to plan it until i experienced it with my sister’s.

My sister planned her wedding in the best and in the disasterous possible ways. She started it with a lot of excitement, ….. it took her 6 months to prepare for it. In the first months, she started booking appointments ; From the room party decorator, this part was really important and at once difficult, it needed a great visual capacity, someone who could associate the colors and the design in a very elegant way. The second step, was her wedding dresses trial , i say ‘Dresses’ because a typical moroccan bride wears from 3-5 dresses on her wedding day.

So far, everything seemed doing well until there were three days left before the ‘BIG DAY’, did i forgot to precise how crazy she went, very frustrated she turned into when the date got closer… i have never seen my sister going nuts , she started yelling and getting nervous about everything ; she shed tears like she never did ; i have felt so bad for her.The time was limited she had to go to her hammam day, which is a ritual where a moroccan bride goes to a traditional spa and take a bath of purifying milk, then she went  to the hairdresser…and took her dresses right after she was done.Later, and after seeing my siseter that way i told myself if i am not going be happy  doing things for my wedding, why would I ? But Hey, perseverance payed well because she was the most flawless and the happiest bride i have ever seen that day and that was the best part of it. Thankfully, she managed to keep her smile! And i kept it as a reminder, it’s not that sometimes if things doesn’t go well at first means it will end bad, maybe it is how destiny created your happiness path , because it is just how god’s plans work.