When I lived in India I had the chance to travel around Asia few times, I wanted to visit Indonesia but I had to apply for a visa and the easiest way was to fly to Singapore and apply for it once there. I had already been there before and in that first trip I got to sightseen half of the island, I went to universal studios and visit some shops and the beach, so this second time was going to be great to get to see the other half. It was the beginning of January and my birthday is by the end pf the month. This time in Singapore I went to the Aquapark and walked much longer distances and visit some new places, got the visa I set myself of to Indonesia, I arrived to Kuta the most touristic city there. I still remember this trip as if it happened yesterday. To me Kuta is like a small town that look like a normal city I don’t really know how to explain it properly but anyway I wanted to see some different things. So while looking for other places to visits, I about Ubud, a city not far by driving distances. When I arrived there a guy approached me and offered his hostel services I agreed and went to find about it. It was great this guy arrange his property in a way that he built 4 comfy rooms on one side and in the other was his own house where he lived with his family, the rooms were big and had a very nice view, cheap price and breakfast included. He also rented bikes and all sort of things but he was not pushy which was a cool thing. I went to try rafting and booked a tour. The bus picked me up at the my comfy hostel and then drove to one of many of the cool great nice Hotel /Spa that are there to pick up a couple form Russia. I remember the Indonesians telling me to be quiet about the prices since they were charging more to the couple because they were staying at a expensive Hotel/Spa. I said “No worries mate” and continue the journey to the river. We happened to join the same tour all day long even the raft. The couple and I made a good friendship and they invited me to their Hotel / Spa, I told them that day was my birthday and they invited to eat and the next day they hired a driver to go visit some temples and more sightseen it was great they wanted to continue going places but I got shy and wanted to continue my own way. I lost contact with then but that’s the magic of traveling out of your comfort zone, you get to discover a lot about people and the world.