The new me …


Up until a few years ago i never thought that living abroad or away from family would affect my way of being, in particular, i was the family-attached person,  i mean i would never have imagined living a single day apart from my family, it was always nice for me to know that my family can be there for me emotionally and physically whenever i needed too. My exhilarating journey began when i took my bachelor degree at the age of 21 where life has taken me for the first time without my family to a new country, and to a different culture with the objective of pursuing my studies. When i just landed in this whole new environment, all i ever did was crying over everything, i refused to accept coming and staying away from my friends, family, and environment.

as i navigated through the difficulties i had when i first arrived here, from the homeland sense of attachment to food preferences to a challenging communication language. In the end, i feel very fortunate, it happens to be one of my greatest experiences of all, i met people from different countries, by which i could say i have developed social skills in a way i immersed myself in a new culture even with the language barrier, i could say that i discovered myself a bit more on a personal basis i now realize what i want in my life. On the other hand, i became more independent and autonomous something i never experienced before.