The first job: An ad for dreams in life…


So somehow I made it through high school… with an average pretty far from the NC for medicine. I wanted to become an advertising salesman, that seemed like an interesting job with lots of opportunities. Unfortunately, there were very few training positions.

So I was faced with the decision of whether to study or train. “Unfortunately” I had been taken out of service, so I did not have to join the German Armed Forces. Whereby, I would not have gone to the Bundeswehr anyway, but would have done civilian service. The “service at the gun” was actually not an option for me.
A study was also not an option at that time. For that, the school time had been too stressful! So it remained an education. After a longer search, two professions came into question. Development aid worker and advertising salesman. As an aid worker, I soon realised that I didn’t have any qualifications. As an advertising salesman. I informed myself and sent dozens of applications, unfortunately without success.

At the same time, however, I was offered a training position at Deutsche Bank, partly due to some of my father’s connections. At the Deutsche Bank… Wow… how many wanted to get in! But not me really, not at all… Even though my parents were already very proud of me, which was not very common at that time. I panicked when I imagined myself in a bank.

So it was action. I borrowed my mum’s car, parked in a multi-storey car park and went to the famous “Königsallee”. There I looked for signs of advertising agencies and introduced myself, or tried to. All the long day… unsuccessfully. Only in the late afternoon, meanwhile on the Parallelen Berliner Allee, did the tide turn.
I rang the bell and in front of me stood a man with 2 other people and was about to hang up a large picture in the hallway.
He was visibly surprised when I told him that I was looking for an apprenticeship.

I was also surprised when I was asked to come in.

The conversation lasted perhaps 30 minutes. Afterwards, I had already been accepted for my much sought-after training place. Michael, the managing director of the advertising agency, was impressed by my commitment and also felt reminded of his youth when I told him about the Deutsche Bank scenario. His father would also have liked to see him in another profession, but he also wanted to work in advertising. Besides, he was a Gemini, just like me… Of course you understand each other. 😀

A few days later the contract was signed and the contract with the bank was cancelled before I had started.
Instead of being in the leading bank with tens of thousands of employees, I was in an advertising agency with not even 10 employees.
It was not in my home town, but 40km away in Düsseldorf.
I earned a lot less than at the bank.
But, I was happy… and I had earned it.

Walt Disney: If you can dream it, you can do it!