The birth-Day of my niece


It is always with a great joy that we celebrate a special day or an occasion in our lives, that sometimes we wonder what other people feel or would have felt at that instant.Unexpectedly, this day turned to be  part of my greatest days, it was a very special day to me that i forgot about how others felt .This day i walked through a bedroom and i saw a little hairy wonder with a chubby rosy cheeks,  i met a little creature who gave to each member of my family a new status. My sister became a mother, my parents became grandfathers and i became an auntie. It was weird of how in a few seconds a lot of memories of  my sisters and i came to my mind; our childhood, our teen- life, our lives as young adults

I don’t know what happened to me but i looked exactly like a little girl waiting to open up her gifts on a christmas day; that day was full of emotions.In fact, it was funny because when my brother in-law called us, we all rushed to the hospital where my sister was. When we reached her room we all started to  negotiate about the time it will be taking each of us to hold her  and who is going to hold her first.It was the most hilarious and ridicouls part of the day, let me say …A total invasion ! We were so overwhelmed that nobody could wait to hold her. Already, we got a glimpse of what is to come . I praise that day, my heart got bigger  eversince my niece was born.