Scariest Experience, COVID-19 CRISIS !!!!!


That is what we see in the current life, it has been only few weeks that the world flipped upside down , schools were  shutdown ,flights were banned from inside and outside several countries,  supermarkets stormed in response to government alerts !  So of course everyone started to prevent the risks , i tried it myself, this day was Spain’s day, after receiving an alert of a chaos coming in the way, people all went nuts, i did myself. FOOD IS GONE ! WILL FOOD DISAPPEAR FROM SUPERMARKETS ? .It is horrible especially if you live far from your homestay and you see  that the contamination was taken into a whole next level. I believe that this might take different perceptions, it is true that i might not lived the virus, but the caption was not amazing for me neither, it is scary to feel alone, it is scary if you don’t know how and what is going to happen to you, it is hell scary if this happens to make you hallucinate in your sleep! Couldn’t imagine welcoming my 2020 year; Scariest LifePoint .