Opening horizons… starting my way.


I was probably about 10 years old, maybe only 9, but not much older.

My friends and I used to play outdoors in the woods and near small rivers or in the fields.

We could stay out unsupervised, until the sun was about to disappear and the streetlights lit up.

So it was time to go home… and we did, sooner or later.

So we had tremendous freedoms compared to most of the children I know today. Something normal in the last century.

Still, we also had some set limits. We weren’t supposed to be too far away from our area of origin. This area was almost a couple of square kilometers in size covering dedicated areas.

On one side of the forest where we often sit, we had a great view of the other side of the valley. It was unknown land, it seemed so far away. And I often imagined what the view on the other side would be like, how long it would take to get there, and how big an adventure it would be to get there.

Our estimate was that it would be a full day trip. All morning we got there, relaxed a little and had lunch together. We would see the other side of the valley, Our valley was already pretty enough, but nothing special since it was the valley I had already seen so many times.

Obviously, our parents were not very happy when we asked their permission to go hiking all day. But I was persistent enough. I don’t really remember how long it took to beg my mom, but in the end, we got OK TO GO!

One nice summer morning we met up with our lunch bags and started our big excursion.

It could have been about 8 or 9 in the morning. We wanted to get there at all costs, so we’d better start early.

We had to do a fairly long and flat hike, only in the end we had to climb a hill. What a big surprise when it probably only took us 30 minutes to reach the end of the flat part, and another 20 minutes later we reached our goal.

All this preparation, all this waiting and all this imagination… we could have gone any afternoon and been back without problems. No questions at home. This was disappointing for me. I expected much more adventure…..

Worse still has been the view on the other side. It was not the land of glory with beautiful landscapes and more beautiful valleys.

There were only some cornfields, some not very nice buildings and the city in sight.

Long before lunch we were back home. I don’t remember my mother’s reaction, but for me it was a disappointment not to have had more adventure, better views and longer paths.

However, the mission was accomplished and this was, at least, a great feeling.


At first little… apart from a certain disappointment.

I expected a lot … and received rather little.

Anyway, I knew that the desire to reach the other side of the valley had been fulfilled.

I reached my goal and was ready for other goals.

Later, or maybe just now, it helped me understand.

You must fight for your dreams and they can come true.

Not everything is as special as you dream it in the first place or imagine it.

When you want to achieve something, you won’t know how difficult it will be to reach your goal, if you don’t start.

Perhaps it is much easier than you have imagined.

-> And I hope I’ll say that about LifePoints in the future as well…