New York


I was back in my country after living in London for two years, I was feeling as if I didn’t fit in with the culture and the lifestyle and the people back home, I got used to something totally different, anyway I was still a kid and did not know much about life although I thought I knew. I got to a point where I started to feel bored and that I needed to do something soon, so I set myself a deadline for this. Then I got a job in India “great”,  it was a country I always had curiosity for, but first, I had to plan the trip. I bought a flight ticket through the USA, so I decided to take 3 days in New York and wander the big city. when I landed in the “Big Apple”, I felt weird even though I had recently lived in another English speaking country, but it was different because I found people who spoke Spanish. New York to me seemed like a mix between Colombia and UK, people were scary and the city was not that clean but beautiful with the massive buildings and the cold weather. So I was at the airport trying to find my way to the hostel which was a very nice one located very close to central park. I asked the guard and told me in Spanish the directions to get to the hostel, I follow them and got on a bus, I remember the people were very scary, at that time I didn’t have a smartphone or GPS and I didn’t want to unfold my paper map in front of everybody in the bus when all of the sudden the driver announced the last stop and I never got to where I was told to go by the guard from the airport. I got off and started to feel fear. there I was in the dark night with my luggage and that tourist face in who knows where. I said “fuck it” I am just going to ask people for directions and that’s it. I saw a guy who was also in the bus with me and seemed to be lost as well, I asked him if I could use his phone to look for the hostel directions and then figure how far I was by walking distance, he looked at me and seemed reluctant but then he was nice and look for the hostel on this phone, then said he was going somewhere close and offer to get a cab together, I agreed and off we went. while in the cab we talked and I told him why I was in New York and were I was heading to, he told me was from Chicago and what he was doing and then we arrived at the hostel I got off and asked how much I had to pay and he said no worries, I was impressed and could not believe my luck, I went in the hostel and talk to the clerk to check-in and told her the whole history and she replied “cool history, now get your stuff up your room and get back down cause we are about to go party” woww, I did so, and when I came back down I meet people from around the world. I remember there was a guy from Spain, another from Japan but lived in London and another one from Japan but lived in Argentina, we went to PACHA night club mingle with some mora Japanese girls and had a party until 7 am. we walked on Time Square, it was bright as usual but empty, we were the only people there, Time Square was all alone for us when we got to the hostel, we didn’t sleep, just had some breakfast and then off to another whole day tour around the city, continue meeting more cool people and finally flew to India to start another new great adventure.