Mind over matter.


I never understood why people used to ask my father about his chances of having three daughters and not even one single boy, of course, my father despairingly wanted a boy. He dreamed to have a son; a son who would follow his steps, who would take the weight of his shoulders. Funny how life works huh… My father got anything but never the son he wanted.

However, the fact of having three girls didn’t change any of his plans, my father loved the three of us, all together unconditionally.  He was always grateful and thankful. To an extent, i never realized it … until one day …. On my way out to school, the day i saw my father laying down on the ground, i stopped breathing, i don’t know what happened to me but that moment hit me like a paper cut, my mother was out of town, my sisters were at school, i was the only one who is able to rescue him. I stood up and held his hand, i put my cheek on his chest to see if it is rising and falling and feel his breath, in the meanwhile i took my phone and tried to reach someone who could help me and while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, i have tried to search for ways and what-to-do in a similar situation. I red a few articles, i have tried to follow the instructions and raised his legs above his heart level, then my father suddenly opened his eyes and looked at me smiling and said ‘ i am thankful for having you by my side, i am sorry for petrifying you’. For a second, i thought i ‘d never see him again. I kept thanking God for restoring my father’s health each day after, i realized that i wouldn’t know the value of what i did with my dad that day until i was in front of it. I experienced fear but i managed to keep myself calm. I learned that in any similar situation, i always need to act with mindfulness and wisdom rather than panicking in the face of potential harm.