Look, rabbit.


I guess we were seven years or something. As always we spent the afternoons outside playing. We lived in the Ruhr area in Germany, but at the outermost edge, almost in a nature reserve. We often played in the forest, at the brook, but also at a slope that went from our mountain to the little river Deilbach. 

There we found one day a litter of young rabbits. We were surprised. There were rabbits around every now and then, but of course they always ran away quickly when they saw someone. The young rabbits lay in the undergrowth. There was no trace of the rabbit parents to be seen far and wide.

We watched the young rabbits, and were horrified to find that they couldn’t see us. Their eyes were still closed… for us it was quickly clear: the rabbits are blind. They cannot survive in nature like that. So we thought about what to do. 

We came to the conclusion that it was our task and responsibility to release the rabbits from this life. We were excited and very uncomfortable…We were looking for a suitable stick! 

I don’t know anymore who of us boys hit first, and neither if it came to a second hit. Then the courage left us, we felt so incredibly bad and guilty… We did not put the plan further into action… 

It got even worse when we later learned that all rabbits are blind at birth… even now, 45 years later, I still remember this fact.


Even if you think you are doing the right thing, you may be wrong.