When I was 16 I think I heard a friend say that his parents had gone on a trip to India and since then that destination stayed in my mind forever. I thought about how far away that destination was and how different the culture is from mine, but what rolled my head was to think about the idea of how cool it would be to say that I had known India since it is not the typical destination that anyone would choose to travel.

It wasn’t until I turned 25 that I finally traveled to India to do an internship in a company called TATA in the consulting area. However, I did not travel to any of the best known cities, I arrived to a city in the south of the country called Chennai, although I had already heard about this city before when I arrived I confirmed that everything bad I had heard about it was true, it was a very dirty city to which came all kinds of garbage from other countries.

However, knowing all its culture and landscapes and its delicious food, was a country that changed my way of looking at life, today I can say what I thought when I was a child, how cool it would be I lived in India and I learned more about myself when I left than when I lived there.