Following the steps


When I grew up I was always involved in the business environment, coming from a family of self-made entrepreneurs that vibe run into my veins. I think I could have done something different but the word business was in my spirit. I got this from my dad who was a warrior and a great person who I admire so much. He used to be not an angry person but a very serious one. However, he had his funny side and a great sense of humour. Now that I am a ground up, I reckon I got a lot of his temper and personality but also I have developed my own. Anyway, the business spirit and desire to live life to the fullest have been always in me. So when I finally took the leap and started a business of my own, all the teachings my father gave me were present. Even though there were several other things I wish I knew. Anyway, in the end, it was one of the best experiences that I have had in my life. The freedom of working however I wanted, doing whatever I wanted and meet different people every time was so satisfying that I think it is what made me change my outlook of life regarding what really matters in life. Living day by day and letting life to impress yourself obviously towards certain goals ones put its self. 🙂