Coronavirus: If the virus takes me tomorrow


Dear Candela, dear Telma!
Currently we are sitting at home under house arrest and see how the coronavirus is changing the world.
Today I thought about it: What if the virus takes me away tomorrow?
The plan is of course different and very clear: to enjoy this gift of life for many more decades. And certainly, as a quite young person without any significant previous illnesses, I am not the real target group for the virus.
But if it takes me along tomorrow, then I can only be grateful and happy for the years I have lived. I have experienced, achieved and enjoyed much, much more than I could have even dreamed of as a child. In fact I have fulfilled so many dreams!
If I were to leave tomorrow, I would have lived a life in which
… I had the opportunity to get to know more than 40 countries with many sights and different cultures, from America to Wales.
… in three countries on two continents
… moved 25 times, because I could and mostly I wanted to.
… I’ve been allowed to have my own company for 14 years
… have been allowed to live on the coast for some wonderful years
… I was allowed to do my vocational training in a small advertising agency instead of at Deutsche Bank
… was allowed to live in New York
… has been cross-country in the USA twice
… was allowed to enjoy a good study and a nice student life
… was able to learn Spanish and English quite fluently
…my parents gave me a sheltered childhood and youth
… could be self-employed at an early age
… I have found good friends
… I have been able to meet some beautiful and interesting women
…I’ve often partied hard and worked hard…
… I have been able to learn a lot from different interesting companies and many different professions
… had a season ticket at Santiago Bernabeau
I tried to be the best daddy I could be to you.
… I have tried to give you my ideas about life and to prepare you for your own life in the best possible way.
But most of all, in which I received the greatest gifts of my life with you two and was allowed to see you grow up!
So everything would be good! Whether tomorrow, in 3 or in 30 years.
I love you very, very, very much, you stupid cows!
Your Papuchi!
Madrid, March 19, 2020
PS: Come let us live