Bonding thoughts


I was brought up in a family circle were both parents were hard workers and keen to keep the family together, my dad was the kind of man that believed family was important since it is all you got, so did my mom. I remember seeing them waking up early in the mornings driving me to school and heading then to work. Hence, I thought that was how life should be in the future, study, work, fell in love, create a family and live happily until the end of the days but always together. I could not have been more wrong than ever and it did not turn out to be similar or at least in my own case. I tried to follow my dad´s steps and spend most of the time with my girlfriend back then, working towards the same ideas together but in the end, they were more my ideas than hers. Therefore things didn’t work out and fail was the consequence. Then after a long time later, I realized how difficult is to make a person fall in love and also work together towards the same goal. I still don’t know how my father did it, all that I know is that I still believe that it could be still possible to manage to get to live that kind of life since I still think that family is what matters the most in life.