And then suddenly, “Daddy’s dead, can you come?”


It was just before 8pm, in August 2003, during this enormous heatwave in Europe. The next day I had a “very important” appointment at Deutsche Telekom in Bonn and I was still working on the presentation. At the same time, I chatted with my girlfriend when the phone rang.

I saw from the phone number recognition that it is my mom.

So the call was a bit inconvenient. I accepted the call and was about to tell my mom that I would call her back later. But I didn’t get to that in the first place. 

When I answered the phone, Mom said: “Stefan, Stefan, Daddy is dead. Can you come right away?”

The world seemed to stand still. 

The presentation, the appointment, the conversation with my girlfriend… unimportant, no more thought of it. From one second to the next I was like in a bubble… It wasn’t even very important why Dad wasn’t alive anymore. 

He had just turned 70 and had no serious illnesses. A heartbeat tore him out of his life. 

That same evening I went with my brother to my mother’s house.

Life was never the same after that.