1987 – Driver’s license exam…when I passed the 1st exam…and the 2nd…and the 3rd…and the 4th.


There I was thus 18…. and not yet so properly grown up… for 3 years I drove already a moped. Now the “real” maturity test… The driving test! I had discovered with some friends a driving school, which was quite far away, but very cheap. at least i got there with the moped. … The driving school had a quite bad reputation, but I was young, optimistic and had no money.

I passed the theoretical exam directly at the first attempt. Hurray…! The theoretical examination did not work unfortunately with the first attempt. And also not with the second attempt. I can’t even say “all good things come in threes! At the latest there it became now really more than embarrassing, and I reaped unbelieving, compassionate or contemptuous looks. 

Also the 4th attempt did not bring the expected success… I was stunned, especially since every shot also resulted in expensive examination costs plus further driving lessons at the same time. 

Only in the fifth attempt I managed it and received the driving licence. To be honest, I don’t know anyone who has had a similar experience. Surely this was no heroic deed and nothing I remember gladly. 

But at the same time it was also a good lesson that you can’t give up if you really want something… and that often in life not everything goes as planned or as desired.